How to Heat Your House Using Compost

The idea of harnessing the power of compost to heat a house might seem like a novel concept, but in fact, it’s based on very simple and ancient principles. As organic material decomposes, it generates heat through a process known as exothermic reactions. While most homeowners are familiar with the value of compost in enriching garden soil, few are aware that this natural process can be harnessed for home heating. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of compost heating and discover how it can be implemented.

Understanding Compost Heat

Microorganisms break down organic matter in compost piles. As they work, they produce heat as a byproduct. Anyone who’s turned a compost heap and felt the warmth emanating from its center has experienced this phenomenon first-hand. In large-scale composting operations, temperatures can soar high enough to produce steam.

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