The Only Morning Routine You Will Ever Need | Andrew Huberman

Summary: 1) Get good sleep at least 80% of the time (important to keep circadian sleep in check). 2) Go outside and get natural light (even in cloud cover/grey day) in eyes within 1st hour for 5-10 min. If waking before sunrise, turn on bright lights and go outside when daylight starts. This triggers the daily cortisol pulse, dopamine, testosterone regulation and melatonin release 16 hrs later. In winter and in Northern countries, 2x or 3x your time outside. 3) Wait an hour for first coffee. Caffeine blocks adenosine which will cause a crash when caffeine wears off. Need an hour for adenosine to get flushed out of your system to avoid the delay. 4) Hydrate and excercise to help flush adenosine out. Excercise will increase body temp (body temp decreases to sleep). 5) Take cold plunge/shower. This increases body temp. 30 secs in cold water triggers adrenaline and long release of dopamine.

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